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"Almost half of UK drivers are considering a switch-over to EV in the aftermath of Covid-19"

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

2020 has been some year already! Brexit in the not so near future and Covid-19 changing our lives along with everything we knew and took for granted in the process. If there was any good to come out of such a devastating virus it has been the environment, this has been the real winner here. Cleaner air, lower carbon emissions and a respite for wildlife. We've never had a better chance to switch to a greener energy source than now, the earth has has it's reset button pressed and Governments Worldwide are keen to capitalise on this momentous opportunity.

A study published in May 2020 found that the daily global carbon emissions during the lockdown in early April fell by 17% and could lead to an annual carbon emissions decline of up to 7%, which would be the biggest drop since World War II. In the UK alone the daily CO2 emissions have seen a decrease by as much as 36%. These carbon decreases are mainly due to the reduction of transportation usage and industrial activities.

Carbon Emissions during lockdown. Source: Sky News.

In China,the lockdown and other measures resulted in a 25 per cent reduction in carbon emissions and a 50 per cent reduction in nitrogen oxides emissions, which one Earth scientist estimated may have saved at least 77,000 lives over two months!

A report by the London-based think tank Carbon Tracker concludes that the covid-19 pandemic may have pushed the fossil fuel industry into "terminal decline" as demand for oil and gas decreases while governments aim to accelerate the clean energy transition.

Benefiting from this, the UK’s Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point market is set for 29% annual growth this year despite the impacts of the virus. Delta-EE forecast 71% of charge points will be installed at home by 2030 along with a 7% growth in workplace charging. The current lockdowns around the world and the radical improvement on air pollution as a result of the demobilisation of transport have a positive impact on people’s awareness of the benefits to the environment.

Home charging installations by EVolve Power, in and around the Leeds & Harrogate areas.

Workplace & Destination Charging installations by EVolve Power across the UK.

As a result 17% of the respondents in a survey by Venson Automotive said that their interest in buying an EV had been reinforced by the new scientific data, 26% confirmed they intend to become an EV driver in the next five years and nearly 20% of those noted their next car would be battery powered.

So what are you waiting for? Make your next car an EV and help the movement towards improved air pollution along with making the most of the many financial benefits and perks of running a private EV or even bigger savings to be had with a company electric vehicle.

Financial benefits such as 0% BIK on company cars in 2020 and zero road tax.

EVolve Power are based in Leeds. They supply and install Charging points for the Home, Workplace and Destination along with helping you find fantastic EV only lease deals from their affinity partners.




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